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AI Tools for Bloggers

10 Best AI Tools for Bloggers

AI has transformed the writing field completely. From writing content and removing grammatical errors from already written content to optimizing content, it comes with endless benefits. However, there are multiple AI writing tools available in the market. So, deciding on the right one is truly hard. So, here is an ultimate guide on the 10 best AI tools for bloggers. Each writing tool is explained with its pros and cons. So go through this article and choose the tool you find best for yourself. 

Benefits of Using AI Tools for Your Blog 

If you properly use an AI tool for your blogs, you won’t regret it. So, to inform you how an AI tool is helpful for your blog posts, the advantages of AI tools are mentioned below. 

  • Optimize Your Content: Multiple SEO tools are available to help you optimize your content. These tools help you search keywords, analyze your competitor’s content, and naturally sprinkle keywords in your blog posts. Moreover, you can also analyze your pre-written content using these tools and update it to increase its ranking chances. 
  • Create Royalty-Free Blog Images: Do you often get stuck when finding images relevant to your blog’s topic and H2 and H3 headings? These stock images aren’t expensive but also waste lots of time. Moreover, you have to hire a graphic designer to edit these images. But not with an AI tool! You can create images according to your likes by just using a prompt money and time-saving procedure. 
  • Engage Readers More: Using an AI tool, especially ChatGPT, you can create content according to your target audience’s preferences. Moreover, you can add multiple tables, bullets, and headings in the content, which makes the blog look grabbing. This approach makes your blog scannable and convinces your site’s visitors to go through the complete blog. 

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  • Cost-Effectiveness: Writing a blog post isn’t a piece of cake. You have to follow certain metrics. Therefore, you need to hire a writer who charges high. However, using an AI tool to write and optimize your blog post will be cost-effective since many tools are affordable. Moreover, some tools offer sound features in their free version. 

10 Best AI Tools for Bloggers 

Do you want to use an AI tool for writing and optimizing your blog post but don’t know which tool you should use? If that’s the case, the ten best AI tools for bloggers are mentioned below, along with their features. So, read the following content and select the tools you find best to write a blog post. 

1- ChatGPT

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), ChatGPT helps you write exceptional blog posts. Using the premium ChatGPT version, you can conduct research for your blog posts. However, this tool has some limitations, such as not accessing the data published before 2021. Moreover, you need to proofread and edit the content taken from the ChatGPT properly. 

The premium ChatGPT plan is available at $20 and provides good-quality content and other features. 

2- Jasper

Jasper allows you to generate long-form blog posts and optimize them. It also allows you to create images. You can write content in 30 languages using Jasper. Moreover, you can use Chrome Extensions in this tool to accomplish your tasks without wasting time. It costs /$39 per month, so it is expensive for small businesses. 

3- Copy.AI

If you’re looking to create creative marketing content, Copy.AI will be a great option. From Facebook ads, social media captions, product descriptions, Email copy, and blog writing to website copy, you can create all types of creative marketing content using Copy.AI. Its free version is available with 2000 words monthly, and it costs $36/month for unlimited research. 

4- Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is a great tool for optimizing your content. It tells you which keywords you need to add to your content and how many times a keyword needs to be added. It also tells how many images need to be added to the content. Moreover, it features a plagiarism checker to make your content original. In terms of prices, this tool is available upon request. 

5- Grammarly

If you have sentence structure and tone issues in your writing, use Grammarly without a second thought. In Word and Google Docx, you can use the Grammarly extension to remove grammatical errors while writing anywhere online. You can also check plagiarism using the premium Grammarly plan at $12/month. 

6- Fotor

Using an AI image creation tool will save you money from buying stock images. You can generate various images through Fotor, like oil paintings, 3D, cartoons, illustration photography, etc. This tool provides 10 images for free to new users and is available at $4.99 per month. So, using Fotor, you can generate high-quality images for your blog within your budget limits. 

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7- Night Cafe

Night Cafe is the best AI image-generation tool. To use this tool, you need to submit the images in which type you want to be created. It will scrutinize the color, all visual elements and object placement. Afterward, it will create the image based on the exited image you submitted to it earlier. You need credits to use this tool, and 100 credits cost $.79 per month. 

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8- Article Forge

If you need to write multiple SEO-optimized articles in less than a minute, this tool is for you. It helps you swiftly generate SEO-optimized bulk content. Hence, writers should proofread and adjust AI content to give it human touch. It costs $13 per month and operates with deep learning technology. 

9- Contentbot

Using Contentbot, you can generate content of different forms and varieties, including product descriptions, blog posts, Email copy, video scripts, guest posts, listicles, articles, and more. It makes writing process easier and effective for both content writers and marketers. Its free version is available and costs $19 per month for the premium version. 

10- Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing and image generator tool. It features multiple tools, such as a blog idea generator, landing page copywriter, and AI article writer. You can create amazing blog ideas and outlines for topics you want to cover on your blog. Its starting plan is 1900 premium words at $12 per month. 

Final Thought 

Incorporating artificial intelligence tools can greatly enhance the efficiency and creativity of bloggers. From content creation to SEO optimization, these 10 AI tools offer invaluable assistance, saving time and improving overall blog quality. Whether it’s generating ideas, refining writing, or analyzing performance, the power of AI is undeniable. Bloggers can leverage these tools to stay ahead in the digital landscape, ensuring engaging and optimized content for their audience.