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Connected Marketing

What Is Connected Marketing and Why You Should Be Doing It

The usage of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok, marketing has revolutionized marketing. It has been shifted from print to visual and now to digital mode of working. There have been separate modes of marketing in every media but in modern terms, it is gradually shifting towards connections. This innovation in marketing is termed connected marketing.

What is Connected Marketing:      

It is being termed the most advanced mode of marketing. In connected marketing, teams work together for customer-centric companies to have an extensive reach to their target audience in the most proficient manner.

Shifting from a product-centric approach to a relationship-centric approach has been phenomenal in connected marketing. It is the essence of modern marketing. 

Connected marketing is also named omnichannel, providing the best possible ways to integrate and build a centralized ecosystem for customers. It revolves around customer insights, singularity, and a data-driven mindset. The main goal is to increase marketing efficiency by developing a complex and competitive environment.

Elements of Connected Marketing:

Like every other mode, connected marketing revolves around some key elements. The three elements are given:


The team working on the project must be aware of what is going through in all channels and devices at the time of functioning. Everyone should have easy access to what is going on in the company.


Strategies and plans should be organized across all the platforms, media, and channels to keep customers focused and never let them be confused. It is the perfect amalgamation of print, multimedia, and social media at the same time to make the best of it.


It revolves around the combination of different parts to make a big impact holistically. It includes maximizing communication to make things bound and clear. As a result, the combined results are more effective than that of their parts.

Dots to Connect:

Connected markets include all these aspects and marketing strategies to be involved within it in order to connect the dots.

Offline Marketing:

Print and Telemedia are included in this mode of marketing. It includes radio, newspaper, television, magazines, billboards, and promotions. 

Online Marketing:

It includes everything related to marketing available on the internet including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tiktok, and Pinterest. It revolves around social media platforms.

Mobile Marketing:
The content is created for small screens. It covers multimedia content including text, images, and videos. All of this contributes to putting the efforts together for mobile advertisement.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of connected marketing. Your content builds the branding, engages people, gathers community, builds links and generates more productivity in terms of sales and awareness. It is the best way to be connected to your target users. It may include Call-to-Action or QnAp. 

Email Marketing:

Email can be the best way to connect to your audience in person. It may include open-rate marketing, response rate, and conversion rate.


Search Engine Optimization modifies your content in such a way that it allows itself to rank better in a specific audience. It plays a major role in growing your websites and social media accounts and their reach. A better SEO team can turn a product into a brand.


Visuals can remain in the human mind 60% more efficiently as compared to text. You have to create and optimize graphics and videos to attract the audience and keep them connected via social media and other modes.

Social Media:

Social media has become the hand tool of a man in the street. From kids to elders, everyone has social media accounts to use. Your team should build an ecosystem of social media accounts to reach, build and engage the customers or users. On this road, the team should build a branding-based network of all social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, and Pinterest. Any user could reach other accounts to be connected to your brand or organization.


Keeping an eye on analytics and insights will make you aware of your performance in the field. It will also beware of new trends and plans based on the data provided.

Developed Brand Image:

It is estimated that 3 out of 10 American adults are on the internet permanently. It is such a huge number that there will be many opportunities at your door. Digital marketing, especially connected marketing, can do wonders in the modern age. A unified model of marketing can engage your audience or customers in such an environment where they feel at home and hence it develops a strong customer-brand relationship to boost your brand.

There are the following ways that can help your brand boost its sales via connected marketing.

Excellent Customer Experience:

Connected marketing provides a customer experience that will make your audience trust the organization and hence it will increase productivity and sales.

Alignment With Brand Strategy:

When a customer uses all the target media and platforms and finds a specific brand appearing on all of these channels, media, and accounts in the same manner and theme, it will automatically turn his attention to the target brand. This is what is called brand awareness.

Accelerated Market Speed:

Performing on 2 to 3 platforms or media will limit your speed of performance on a wide range. Involving an extensive range of platforms will boost performance and eventually the productivity speed will increase.

High Productivity:

Connected marketing will make a huge role in the productivity scale to increase sales and outcomes. People love being taken care of and connected marketing provides them with the exact. It will make them believe in a brand, turning it into high value. 


The world has changed significantly in the last couple of decades. From art to literature, politics to economics, and education to sports, everything has been changing to online modes. It saw the marketing evolution from print to multimedia and now the world has seen its digitalization itself. 

In the modern fast-paced world of marketing, connected marketing is the best way to prosper extensively if you own a brand. Make use of all the possible ways to learn, earn and fly.