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How to Instantly Increase Traffic to Website

Massive website traffic indicates that your business is going on the right track. But, how to drive more traffic to a website?

Whether your website is newly developed with an amazing & responsive web design or several years old, prospects wouldn’t be able to find it if you are not working on ways to increase website traffic. Improving the site traffic is not an easy and simple job to do and requires a lot of time, effort and determination. There is a number of practical tactics to get found by the target customers online.

In this article, I have gathered some of the best ways to instantly increase traffic to a website without breaking the bank.

Optimize it for Mobile Users

Responsive web design is a big thing these days as it not only improves the way your website looks on different screens but also allows you to get more visits as more and more people use their mobile devices for web browsing. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it means you are about to miss a huge number of daily organic visits. A mobile-friendly website allows a business or brand to provide them with an amazing browsing experience either by visiting from a desktop or a mobile device. In results, website traffic increases automatically.

Make Headlines Enticing

As there is tough competition in this digital landscape, writing compelling and kickass headlines and post titles could be great to instantly increase website traffic. It is the best way to boost initial interaction to grab the attention of web users effectively. Headlines can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of a website. That is the reason, always try to write something appealing and different from your competitors to get more clicks.

Create More High Quality and Informative Content

Informative and quality content on the site always fuels the traffic fire and keeps the users engaged better than before. A business or brand website with a blog can get 55% more clicks than a website that doesn’t have a blog. Adding useful and problem-solving content to your website/blog allows you to add more unique and valuable URLs to your site to help you appear in more search queries. It is also important to publish content of different types to entertain visitors in the best possible way. Try to add a balanced amount of text, images, videos, and infographics to help your visitors digest the content efficiently and conveniently.

Create Google My Business Listing

A properly optimized Google my business listing account can help you get 7X more hits on your website and it is totally free and effortless as well. Listing your business with Google my business listing is a great way to instantly increase traffic to the website. It will also help you rank higher in local searches to attract more local customers/clients.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

SEO is not dead even if it is the only way to rank your website higher in SERPs. Optimizing different elements of your website for search engines is a worthwhile practice to get more organic visits. Creative use of target keywords in content, image optimization, easy to navigate design, fast-loading web pages, and responsive web design are some of the basic On-page SEO strategies to boost website traffic amazingly. Hiring a digital marketing agency or freelancer is a better option if you are unable to do so yourself.

Become a Kickass Guest Blogger

The benefits of guest blogging are myriad. Writing quality content on authority blogs in your niche can help you gain valuable exposure, and it can drive traffic to your website. By writing quality guest blog posts on other blogs, you will not only get a link back for your website but you will also be able to present your business or brand in front of a wider target audience. If you don’t know how to outreach for guest blog posting, then you can hire a reliable guest blogging service provider to get featured in the high authority sites similar to your niche.

Build Authority Backlinks

Getting links back to your site from high authority and big sites is another great way to rank higher in search engines and to get more organic traffic to your site. Linkbuilding is a superb way to get your brand or business in front of a wider, target and qualified audience. It also improves brand recognition and customer trust to generate more sales from new and existing customers.

Post Content to Social Media

Social media is a super and most popular marketing platform these days to reach the target audience and to increase website traffic tremendously. Social media sites are great places to share valuable pages and posts of your site to get more website hits. As everyone is on social media nowadays, the sharing of valuable and informative content on different social media sites can help you drive more traffic to your site. Create useful content with an appealing visual and infographic that can grab the attention of target customers active on social media sites.

Email Marketing

Sending out informative, useful and problem-solving content or newsletter to your customers via emails will not only build strong customer trust but will also help you drive more website traffic. Create appealing and informative emails and add valuable links like landing pages, special offers, and business information, etc. instantly increasing traffic to the website.