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Using LSI Keywords for SEO

Guide to Using LSI Keywords for Improving Your SEO

LSI (latent semantic indexing) terms help search engines understand what’s on your page and put it higher on the SERP. Moreover, LSI keywords are basically the main concerns and queries of the users. So when you optimize your blog according to them, you address your users’ questions. In this blog post, we’ll look into how to find and use LSI keywords to improve your SEO efforts.

What Are LSI Keywords?

The terms or phrases related to the main keyword are called LSI keywords. For example, if your main primary is “best gaming laptop,” its LSI keywords will be “best laptop for gaming, best laptop for games, best budget gaming laptops, etc. The LSI keywords are also named “related keywords and this technology was originally generated in 1989. 

Benefits of Using LSI Keywords in the Content

Using LSI keywords in the content causes many benefits: 

  • Improving Website Ranking: When you use the related keywords of the main keyword, it helps Google to understand the main keyword easily and rank the content. 
  • Boosting Content Contextuality: Formulating your blog following LSI keywords contextualizes your content. As a result, the Google algorithm ranks your article.

How to Find LSI Keywords 

There is no complex procedure to find SEO keywords. By following a few steps, you can find high-quality LSI keywords. Here, we’ll take “SEO-optimized blog” as an example to help you easily figure out the LSI keywords. 

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Google Instant Search

Writing your main keyword (your query) in the Google search box provides instant suggestions. For example, you write your main keyword, “SEO Optimized Blog,” and its suggestions will appear.

To search keywords through this method, enter your main keyword and add an asterisk with the keyword that you want to modify with LSI. If you add an asterisk at the start of the keyword, Google will give keyword suggestions to add at the start of the keyword.  

Google will provide you suggestions for additional keywords to add if you want to add one at the end. Check the following example for a clear idea:

Google’s Footer Keyword Suggestions 

When you search your main keyword, Google displays many keywords related to your main keyword in the footer. There are sound chances to use these keywords in your content. For example, if your primary keyword is “SEO Optimized Blog,” you will find many LSIs for this keyword. However, make sure to use only relevant keywords because unrelated keywords will misguide Google. 

Moreover, using many keywords in your content causes “keyword stuffing” that can penalize your website. Moreover, Google’s algorithm can downgrade your content as well. 

Google Images 

Finding LSI keywords from images is also an effective and free way. Since only a few people know this approach, it means you’ll find good keywords with less competition. So, use this method to search LSI keywords for your content. 

To search keywords through images, simply enter your main keyword in the Google search box. Now, switch from the “All” to the “Images” section. You’ll find many related keywords to your main keyword here. Choose those keywords that you find highly relevant to your primary keyword and ignore the others. After selecting LSI keywords from the images section, incorporate them into your content naturally. 

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Google Keyword Planner 

Generated by Google, Google Keywords Planner helps you find the right keywords. Basically, the main purpose of this tool was to find keywords for Google ads. However, many people use it to find LSI keywords for their content. 

An AdWord account is required to use this tool. However, you don’t need to spend money and run an ad campaign to search keywords from Google Keyword Planner. 

In order to utilize this tool, enter your primary keyword into the search bar. A selection of relevant keywords will then appear for you to choose from. Afterward, it is your decision to select keywords you find suitable and incorporate them into your content.

LSI Keywords SEO Tools 

Searching LSI keywords using different SEO tools is considered the most common and reliable approach. Many SEO tools are available, like Ahrefs, SEMrush, LSI Graph, Speak to the Public, UbberSuggest, etc. 

All of these tools provide premium features on their paid version. Moreover, they have almost similar procedures of use. So, you don’t need to learn a specific method to operate these tools. 

However, every SEO tool provides keywords using different displaying templates, so you need to be a little conscious. You might also find a slight change for the same keyword regarding search volume, difficulty, and other factors on different tools. 

How to Use LSI Keywords in the Content 

So you have comprehensive information on how to find LSI keywords. The next step is optimizing your content using LSI keywords. The given is the step-by-step method to guide you: 

  • Ensuring Keywords Intent & Relevancy: You’ll find a list of LSI keywords when you search for them. However, using all these keywords isn’t recommended. To find the most relevant keyword, open all articles/blogs on the SERPs for the main keyword using dark display mode. Now, search all of the LSIs that you found. Pick the LSIs that have three to four of the same blogs that popped up for your main term.
  • Adding LSI Keywords in Title Tags & Images: Add LSI keywords in the meta title, meta description, and blog title so Google can understand and rank your content.
  • Adding LSI Keywords in Headers: As discussed earlier, LSI keywords are users’ main queries and concerns. So, making H2 and H3 headings using LSI keywords will help users easily reach the information they require.
  • Incorporate Closely Related LSIs in Anchor: Using the same keyword for anchor text repeatedly will rank your content for only one keyword. So, using closely related LSI keywords for anchor text is recommended. For example, you can use “website design agency” now if you’ve already used “website design services” for the previous anchor. 

Final Thoughts

Using LSI keywords can really help your website show up more in online searches. This guide taught you how to use these special keywords to improve your content for search engines. By doing this, your website can become more popular and increase search results. Remember to think about what people are searching for and create useful content. With LSI keywords, your website can become more successful in online searches!