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7 Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Online

There are a lot of business out there that offers products or services like yours. Increased brand awareness is the perfect way to differentiate yourself from them and stand out. Your brand makes you unique from others. When it comes to building brand awareness, relevant and repetitive exposure is the key. It shows your business name and where your target audience is on the web to keep them engaged with your company.

Since having a strong and trusted brand is imperative for any business in this digital landscape, here are some innovative tips you can take on to increase brand awareness and make your business flourish.

1- Be Consistent with Branding

Opportunities to connect and engage with potential customers are valuable. But if your branding strategies are different on every channel or platform, your audience wouldn’t be able to understand what your business is all about. Consistent branding and messaging are a great way to convey your corporate message and engage with your audience more effectively. Consistent branding means your business must look the same on the internet like website, social media profiles, mobile app, etc. It will make your audience stick around your brand and increase trust as well.

2- Partner with Influencers – Influencer Marketing

Searching and inviting influencers in your industry to display your products or brand on their online profiles is a great way to increase brand awareness online and reach a wider audience. As influencers have a well-established audience that trusts them, getting your brand or products displayed on their profiles will effectively expand your reach and boost awareness of your brand or products. Search for influencers whose skills and knowledge match your brand and ask them to mention your brand in their posts or articles.

3- SEO for Increased Online Brand Awareness

Search engine optimization is one of the best and most innovative ways to increase brand awareness online. Higher search engine rankings can do wonders for your brand. SEO makes your brand easier to find when your potential customers search for something you have to offer. The higher your website appears on search engine result pages, the more credible your brand will be in the eyes of your customers. When focusing on SEO for increased brand awareness, you must choose the right keywords for your SEO campaign to appear in more relevant searches. If you are a brand offering products or services to locals, you should choose long-tail keywords that are relevant to your niche and are great for a better local search.

4- Paid Social Ads

Social media is heaven for both businesses and marketers. Millions of people are on social media and check their feeds many times a day. It makes sense that running paid social ads is a superb idea to reach your target audience based on their interests and search behavior to enjoy boosted brand awareness. Almost all social media channels offer built-in audience targeting features that could be great to display your ads to the right and qualified audience. Moreover, it also helps you generate more sales as people love to buy from the brands that run personalized ads and present them with exactly what they need. Hiring a reputable ads agency is also a good idea as they come up with proper click fraud prevention techniques.

5- Don’t Ignore the Power of Content Marketing

When it comes to increasing brand awareness online, content marketing can do wonders for you. It provides you with an amazing and more effective way to let your audience know who you are, what you offer, and how you are doing. Telling your interesting story that resonates with your audience, will result in increased brand awareness and customer trust. Content marketing allows you to show your audience what your brand has to offer, and the qualities, skills, and industry knowledge that make it unique. Create informative, useful, and interesting content for your audience to connect them with your brand on a more personal level.

6- Try Guest Blogging

Guest blog posting is an effective way to get your brand or business out to a new wider audience. In this way, all their followers will see your brand mentioned in the articles (blog posts) they read and are likely to contact you if your products or services sound interesting. As most blogs send out email newsletters and post their articles on social media, it will help you reach their huge follower base to enjoy increased brand awareness online. Ask your friend brands in the industry to publish your articles on their blogs. If you are unable to do so, hiring a reliable digital marketing agency like WebTech Solution can help you get guest posts on high authority and relevant blogs.

 7- Use Data in Intelligent Ways

Every scroll, click and tap by your visitors tells a lot about their behavior and interests. The benefits of data mining for businesses are myriad. So, use data in intelligent ways to create personalized ads and other marketing materials that can help you build and increase brand awareness online. A/B testing your email headlines, blog post titles, and social media posts is a great way to get the most from your marketing efforts.