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Webpage Not Available – What Does It Mean and How to Fix It

With digital advancement, the problems most individuals and entrepreneurs are facing these days have also been digitized. As everything comes with problems and solutions to them, People sometimes while surfing or browsing the internet keep on seeing the same problem time and again. “Webpage not available” is the most common error and message people usually see when trying to reach a specific web or webpage. This error occurs even when there is a stable Internet connection. This webpage not available is a kind of error that denies users access to a specific web or sometimes all the websites.

Reasons for “Webpage not Available” Error: 

This error can occur at any time of the day, even when everything is updated on your browser’s settings. There can be small but multiple reasons for this problem to keep on occurring on your browser. Following are some of the common reasons that are most likely to cause webpage not available errors.

Web Address not Correct:

This can be a reason when you try to access a certain web page but provide incorrect details in the search bar and some spam or fake site opens somehow which is also removed by google. So, adding an incorrect address in the search bar menu can be one of the reasons.

Browser Issues:

Another reason might be not having an updated browser or there can be certain reasons within browsers. There is also a possibility that your browser might not be cleared and there might be some cache or broken links within it which could be a hurdle in operating some of the web pages.

Internet Unstable: 

There might be unstable internet provided by the internet company that can be causing this error for you on your browser. Another reason can be low bandwidth which may not be able to load your specific web page.

Broken Router: 

You might overlook this but there can be a reason that your router might be displaying all the processing and operating lights but some parts of it are broken from the inside and they need fixing to work on.

Ways to Fix “Web Page not Available” Error:

The first thing is to find the reason and once done, the next step is to look for its solution and the ways through which you can fix the problem. here are some of the ways which must be generally followed to fix this problem.

Fix URL: 

As an incorrect URL can be the reason for the error, you can try to add the URL address manually to fix the problem you are facing. Before you keep on typing and pressing enter, there is a tip for you to scan the whole URL address before you proceed with entering. This might take some seconds but save your time for later and you won’t be seeing the web error again if you type the address correctly.

Restart the Device: 

Restarting any device on which you keep on getting the error can also solve your problem as the option of restarting boosts the device and has been said to solve digital problems people usually face.

Clear Browsing History: 

Clearing the history and browsing data can be a reason to slow down your device’s performance. The slow connectivity can also be caused due to high storage data or broken links. Clearing the previous data can help fix the issue. Another good way to stay updated and keep your data safe is to have the history cleared automatically so a user won’t be facing the error due to this issue. Automatically clearing the history does come with settings where if you save any password, it stays within your browser and you can log in by using the already added login details.

Change the Browser: 

Another reason for seeing the “webpage not found” is that your browser might not be compatible with a certain webpage to be accessed. Changing the browser and clicking on the webpage can help reach a webpage that was displaying the same error page.

Flush DNS: 

Another reason for seeing the same error is due to the DNS settings. Changing and updating DNS can solve the problem once you provide the specific command to your device. In DNS settings, after giving certain commands from your router settings, you are going to click on enter option which in return is going to successfully flush the cache and delete the old settings of your router. After this, the next step is to reboot the router by switching it off and turning it on.

Switching to Another DNS Server: 

If you keep on seeing the same problem again and again, another way is to switch to some other DNS address. This can be done by automating your device to get the settings and information you need to apply on your device. The first thing is to change the main settings by clicking on the properties and enabling Internet protocol version 4, you can use different DNS servers by typing specific commands. Another easy way is to join the google DNS server that can be accessed by typing as preferred and as an alternative DNS server. The next step is to click on the enter option and select the reboot option.


Websites, on the other hand also have to deal with a lot of other within-site issues such as low domain authority, spam reports, not having a specific niche, content plagiarized, internal links with viruses, broken external links, and much more. Only a web developer or a web engineer gets to know what main things are there which can cause such errors for the visitors. Having this error message on the main screen can be resolved after following the above-mentioned solutions. These errors can be technical for which you might need to contact an IT expert who’d be able to add commands within the servers or switch the DNS settings of your connection.