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Top CDNs to Speed Up and Secure Your Website

Top CDNs to Speed Up and Secure Your Website

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of nodes or servers spread around the globe that stores and delivers the components of a website, like videos, images, or other static files. It can support small and big websites to provide their content to users at the quickest speeds achievable.

If you’re new to CDNs, choosing one that best fits your website might seem daunting. That’s why we’ve collected the top CDN providers in this post to review them based on factors like ease of use, security features, and performance. 

What is CDN?

A Content Delivery Network or CDN ensures that your website content is spread on different servers across the globe. It then delivers content to your website visitors from the server nearest to their location. As a result, JavaScript files, HTML pages, images, stylesheets (CSS), and videos load significantly faster on the user’s end of your website. It’s important to note that a CDN is distinct from hosting servers; it does not replace them. Instead, it stores cached content at network edges to provide faster access to your visitors.

The Benefits of Using a CDN:

Improved Website Loading Speed

One of the primary reasons to incorporate a CDN into your website infrastructure is to enhance its loading speed. Studies have shown that users expect websites to load within a few seconds, and any delay can lead to higher bounce rates and decreased conversions. A CDN ensures that your website content is delivered swiftly, reducing latency and providing a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

Global Reach and Scalability

CDNs have a vast network of servers located worldwide. With minimal delay, this global presence allows your website to reach users in various geographic regions. Whether your target audience is local or spreads across multiple continents, a CDN enables you to serve your content quickly and efficiently. Additionally, CDNs are designed to handle high traffic loads, ensuring your website remains accessible even during increased demand.

Enhanced Website Security

Security is a top concern for any website owner. CDNs offer robust security features that protect your website from potential threats. By acting as a buffer between your origin server and users, CDNs can absorb and mitigate DDoS attacks, preventing them from overwhelming your infrastructure. Furthermore, CDNs often include SSL certificates, encrypting data transmission and securing sensitive information exchanged between users and your website.

SEO Benefits

Website speed is a critical factor in search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines, like Google, consider page loading speed when determining search rankings. With a CDN, your website can deliver content faster, improving SEO performance. Higher search rankings lead to increased visibility, more organic traffic, and a greater potential for conversions.

Top CDNs for Speed and Security:

Cloudflare CDN 

Cloudflare is the most cutting-edge solution for speeding up and securing your website. They power over 20 million Internet assets and are in over 200 data centers. Most big companies use Cloudflare CDN, which has been popular in CDN Services.

Key Features: 

  • Page rules
  • Globally load-balanced CDN
  • Instant purge caching, content caching
  • Operational & Threats insights
  • Async Javascript loading (Rocket Loader)
  • IPV6
  • HTTP/2 and HTTP/3
  • WebSockets
  • HTTPS Rewrites
  • Basic DDoS protection
  • Cloudflare issued certificate
  • Content scraping protection
  • Comment spam protection
  • TLS 1.2, 1.3
  • Restful API


Pro Plan: $20/month 

Business Plan: $200/month 

G-Core CDN

G-Core Labs provides a fantastic 140+ data-center content delivery network. That means to lightning-fast websites for everyone around the world. Its average response time of 30 milliseconds assembles it into one of the fastest CDNs available.

Key Features: 

  • Offer free SSL certificate activation 
  • Forced HTTPS redirects and HTTP/2
  • Easy API integration 
  • Header Management 
  • Fair usage is ensured through download speed control
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Origin verification protects against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • User-friendly with WordPress 


Start 1.5 TB: $40/month 

Pro 5TB: $110/month 


ArvanCloud provides numerous cloud services, including a powerful CDN solution to over 30,000 websites, from multiple PoPs in banks, government sectors, and many other companies. This CDN is supplied with cutting-edge, proprietary technology to ensure the most significant security and data delivery with cost-effective models.

 Key Features: 

  • Offer free SSL certificate 
  • Provide Cloud Hosting 
  • Provide Cloud Based 
  • Global Multi CDN 
  • VPS Hosting 
  • Offer Dedicated Server Hosting 
  • Streaming 
  • Web Application Firewalls 
  • HTTP v2.0 Protocol
  • Content Improvement (JS, Minify, Rewrite HTML, Optimize, CSS)
  • HTTPS Traffic Support
  • LS v1.3 Support


Basic Plan: $15/month

 Pro Plan: $36/month

Enterprise Plan: $300/month 


Netlify offers the ability to host and serve your static website through a CDN. While not a traditional CDN company, Netlify is a worthwhile option for hosting static sites. With a community of over 35,000 developers hosting over 90,000 websites, Netlify has gained significant popularity and admiration.

Key Features: 

  • Encrypt the certificate of HTTP/2
  • Cache Invalidation
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  • Provide Custom Domain 
  • Git Integration
  • Offer DDOS Protection 
  • Redirect Rules
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Global CDN
  • Rollbacks
  • Prerendering


Starter Plan: $0/month 

Pro Plan: $19/month 

Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing 


jsDelivr to offload open-source components like CSS, jQuery, JavaScript libraries, and fonts. They serve these files from providers like Cloudflare, Fastly, and Quantil, leveraging their combined 750+ points of presence worldwide, including China. That ensures faster and more efficient delivery of website resources.

Key Features:

  • Four CDN Provider 
  • RUM-based Load Balancing 
  • Combine Multiple Files 
  • Minify Files 
  • Support Source Map 
  • Version Aliasing 
  • Usage Statistics
  • API 
  • Multiple IDE Integrations
  • Dynamic Content Routing 

Price: Free Software

To Sum Up

In the competitive online landscape, optimizing your website’s speed and security is essential to stay ahead. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are vital in accelerating website performance and fortifying security. By leveraging the power of CDNs like Cloudflare, G-Core, ArvanCloud, Netlify, or jsDeliverCDN, you can ensure your website loads quickly, reaches a global audience and remains resilient against cyber threats. Implementing a CDN is a strategic investment that can elevate your online presence, improve user experience, and boost your website’s rankings on search engines like Google.