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Work from Home Productivity Tips

The Best Work from Home Productivity Tips for Remote Workers

Remote work is common in this global village as most of the tasks and jobs can easily be accomplished outside the office. But, working from home during the worldwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has added pressure and strain on workers’ minds beyond the normal remote work environment. That’s why employers and team leaders should take this situation into consideration and adjust expectations (of both employees and employers) accordingly to get more done.

Below we have listed some work from home productivity tips that can help you establish an effective, productive, and sustainable remote working routine. However, these recommendations and tips might not be feasible for all telecommuters but can help them develop better work routines.

Set a Schedule

When you visit the office or workplace every day, you usually are likely to follow a routine to start and end each day productively. You should do the same while working from home. Before getting started with a work from home schedule, think about your early morning routine and dedicate plenty of time for things like exercise, breakfast, and taking a shower to get your day off to a better and productive start. Consider your end day routine as well and then work-related tasks and jobs accordingly. It will help you spend each of your days properly even without wasting precious moments.

Designate an Official Home Office

Limit your home office to a particular area in your home so your work-related activities don’t interrupt the lives of other people living in your house. In this way, you are also better able to concentrate on your work. Instead of checking emails and other work-related notifications in front of the TV screen, have a space designated to work. Make sure your home office is distraction-free and is a stress-free zone where you can focus better on work. Hence, if there is no separate space that you can turn into your working area, then choose an area with a minimum flow of family members to stay focused and productive too.

Choose the Right Tools

Your laptop and high-speed internet connection are the basic tools if you are working as a telecommuter. Not only to accomplish work-related tasks, but it is the main source of communication with your leader and co-workers to complete your work effectively. In addition to a properly working laptop and an internet connection, you may also need some other equipment and tools like a video conference app, a cloud-based project management solution, an e-signature app, and so on. So, stay on top of all important tools and apps to stay productive in your home office and manage your tasks more effectively than ever before.

Limit Distractions

Finding ways to limit distractions around you is one of the biggest challenges when you are working from home as a remote worker. With the current situation of crises and strain, it could be hard for remote workers to prevent things that interrupt. However, you can do this by creating a schedule and building work boundaries so you can focus more on work and avoid any unnecessary distractions. Set boundaries for roomies and pets. Also, encourage them to leave you alone and never disturb you when you are working. You should also turn all the unnecessary digital notifications off to increase focus on work.

Practice Self-care

Health is wealth. That’s why practicing self-care is one of the most important work from home productivity tips. If you are good at health, you can accomplish all the work-related tasks and jobs efficiently. Don’t hesitate to do some stretches whenever you need to take a break from work. Leave your desk for drinking water and don’t afraid to nap if they make you feel refreshed and energetic instead of sleepy. You should often go outside the home for some fresh air and sunlight because they not only keep you healthy but motivate for productivity.

Stay in the Loop

Working in the office comes with the potential to increase collaboration and socialization so you can interact more with your fellows to get your job done effectively. And you don’t have to lose this potential just because you are working as a remote worker. Make a habit to check-in and interact with co-workers and supervisors on a regular basis to stay in the loop and stay on top of work-related things. Whether via email, social media profiles, video call, or in-person, stay in touch with fellow professionals.