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Social Media and SEO

Social Media and SEO- Boost your Search Engine Optimization Efforts Incredibly

In this digital world, social media is one of the places where the majority of the customers and clients interact with their favorite brands or business. But, the most interesting thing to note and discuss is that social media platforms have a sturdy influence on customer search behavior too. Moreover, most of the social media sites are turning themselves into real search engines.

All marketing experts and small business owners know that social media is a terrific platform playing a momentous role in marketing but most of them really don’t know and understand the strong connection between social media and SEO. Though social media may not affect your search engine directly, it is one of the best ways to boost your search engine optimization efforts incredibly.

Here is how social media and SEO go long together to help you appear in top SERPs.

Content Promotion

Content promotion is one of the great benefits of social media for SEO to help your site rank higher. Content sharing on different social media sites is the primary way users are engaged most with social media. When you are producing high quality and informative content but internet users are unable to see your valuable blog posts, it is the situation where social media plays a significant role of presenting your content in front of the target audience to give an incredible boost to your business or brand. While link sharing on social media may not provide you the same value the SEO linkbuilding offers, but they can wonderfully influence site engagement and bounce rate in terms of social signals. As people stick to the informative and useful content, social media sharing results in positive signals to search engine bots that help you rank higher.

Social Media Profiles in SERPs

While sharing content on social media sites may or may not have a direct effect on the position of your site in search engines, your social media profiles appearing in the search engine result pages can definitely influence your SEO efforts to drive more traffic towards your website. While users searching for their favorite brands or companies in search engines, if social profiles show up at the top SERPs it will be easier for them to find out what exactly they want.

Better Link Building

Believe or not, content promotion on social media sites can help you get high quality and high authority backlinks from dominant websites. As influencers tend to make use of several social media tools in most of their projects, availability of your valuable content in their circles can certainly inspire them to link in their articles and blog posts. Simple is that well-written and engaging content get more social shares, and it ends up with more opportunities to find the authorities in your industry to get a link back to your content in their posts.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness is another great benefit of social media for SEO. As we all believe that social media offers more business branding benefits than search engine optimization, increased brand awareness can amazingly boost your SEO efforts. Social media is the most commonly used marketing channel to reach and engage the target audience with your business or brand. Creating profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn enable you to build an audience and increase brand awareness too. When more people recognize your brand quickly, they are more likely to click your website while searching for something you also offer. Increased brand awareness built through social media drives more organic traffic towards your website to generate more leads and sale.

Social Media sites Are Search Engines Too

Due to the increased use of the latest mobile technology, people often use social media sites to find out required stuff instead of searching in Google or other search engines. For example, when you need to know about a product or brand while scrolling the Facebook feed, you will be more likely to use the Facebook search bar to conduct a search instead of opening the mobile browser. By doing so, you will not only be able to find out the required product or business but you will also get a huge list of trusted customer reviews, information, and conversations made by the social media users about that product or business. Bing available and active on social media platforms not only helps a business reach & engage the target audience but unbelievably boost SEO results too.