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UI Design

10 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful UI Design

User Interface holds the top place to determine your business’ success in the online market. An engaging UI design will enhance the users’ experience and capture more traffic and, consequently, more revenue. Moreover, if you are a freelancer or working in the open market, completing the clients’ projects and designing a catchy interface will increase your worth and help you acquire the landmark of being the best in business. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive guide regarding the 10 Do’s and Don’ts you must follow to generate a successful UI design.

Why Do We Create A Compelling UI Design?

The success of a brand is usually determined by the number of sales it generates or the unique visitors it receives. Like in a physical business, when a client visits a company’s office, the probability of signing a deal depends upon the client support the management provides. The same happens in online business. A user finding a website more unique and receiving good customer support is likelier to buy the products from that website instead of sorting the other platforms. So, capturing such users is the top priority of brand owners. That’s why we must create a successful UI design to get the customers’ attention.

10 Do’s And Don’ts For UI Design:

After intensive research, we have compiled a comprehensive guide you must follow while designing your business interface. The guide consists of 10 Do’s and Don’ts for generating a successful UI Design which will surely help you expand your business and grab more sales, ultimately generating more money.

1 – Content Management

When a user visits a site, he is seeking some information. If he comes to your site and your content takes time to display, he will back away. Moreover, irregular arrangement always negatively impacts the user. Thus, he avoids visiting your site when coming across it the next time, which will ultimately bring loss to business. Therefore, you must manage the content precisely and deliver what the client demands.

2 – Easy Language

In the previous section, we talk about content management. This point also links with the previous one. You must use simple language on your interface instead of robotic or fleshy words. This way, users of all ages will easily understand your context. Any user who can find the required material easily always gives a pingback, and a positive impact will be delivered to your site. Using simple words is the primary demand for creating a successful UI design.

 3 – Improve Browsing Experience

Imagine we are browsing a website to get our required data, and suddenly a video pops up with some unbearable noise, or a useless link to an explicit website is hidden in a read more button. What will be our reaction? Indeed, we will not revisit the site and bypass it when we come through it next time. The same may happen with our website if we use unnecessary links. Moreover, we can also spoil the user’s browsing experience by inserting irrelevant videos. Therefore, we must avoid such things for the betterment of our business. Allow a more controlled browsing system for the visitors to check the details only what they are looking for.

4 – Proper Navigation Bar

In this pacy world, no one has enough time to scroll the pages or complete website to get the proper information. Therefore, to ease the users’ activity, you must need a good navigation bar. This allows the user to reach the desired page very quickly. Thus, having a nav bar will positively affect your site and help you improve your business or brand worth.

5 – Use Proper Icons

Using simple text won’t work anymore for your website as it doesn’t add flavor or a charming look to the site. Hence a boring interface will only be able to attract clients a little, and you have to face the consequences of less income generated. Therefore, using proper icons and context proves much more effective in raising the users’ attention. They will stick to the site for more than the average time because of the ease of understanding information quickly.

6 – Bullet Points

As we described earlier, users or visitors only have a little spare time to sort the site entirely. Therefore, you have to provide them the basic shortcuts or complete information within a smaller space that’ll catch more clients and improves the browsing experience. Making bullet points to elaborate the necessary details, like a privacy policy or any other consent agreement, helps you gain more popularity on the web than using long paragraphs.

7 – Use Of Graphics

Using graphics is one of the most effective ways to engage clients and create a successful UI design. It does not refer to the use of the graphic card but to the use of related images and videos. The video elaboration will attract more clients and helps them find their required information more effectively. Hence you must follow this strategy to create a catchy interface for your website and, ultimately, be the cause of your business success.

8 – Important Bars

Previously, we discussed using a navigation bar on our website. We can apply many other essential tactics to catch the user’s attention. If we have a drop shipping website and the client is entering their card details or creating an account on our marketing blog, we can provide them with the process bar to help them add the information correctly and completely. Moreover, it will also look more professional compared to ordinary websites.

9 – Point Out The Users’ Mistakes

Sometimes a user must correct some errors while entering his data, as it needs to be matched in the confirmatory section. If there are many details to be added like E-mail, Password, Phone Number, Date Of Birth, and other necessary credentials, a mistake in any one will cost the users precious time. Therefore, you must set up a guide highlighting user errors in the particular section.

10 – Make All Links Functional

If you run a marketing campaign over your blog, you must add the proper links to your products. Thus, clients’ experience will be improved, and ultimately, the website will be able to generate more revenue.

Final Verdict

Following some basic tactics to improve the quality of your website’s interface is compulsory, as it will help you expand your business globally. There are many ways to improve the standard, but some are not crucial. Therefore, we come with this guide containing the top 10 Do’s and Don’ts you must follow to create a successful UI design. Hope this works best for you. Any changes will be made available here. Stay tuned for more information!