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AI for Amazon Sellers

A Comprehensive Guide to AI for Amazon Sellers

Artificial Intelligence is the production of machines or programming that think like humans. Also, AI is being utilized to examine information, anticipate trends, automate tasks, and upgrade dynamic cycles.

As artificial intelligence is reforming each field, it’s extraordinarily changing eCommerce, particularly Amazon. Whether it’s image creation, writing product descriptions, upgrading item posting, dealing with client care, or some other assignment, AI will flawlessly grow your business.

So explore this guide in light of the best artificial intelligence tools for Amazon sellers and have top-to-bottom information about various ways to use AI to enhance your selling experience further.

Key AI Applications for Amazon Sellers

AI is transforming Amazon in different ways. The following are applications AI introduced to update E-commerce. 

  • Product Recommendation: AI recommends hot-selling products to Amazon sellers. It analyzes customer behavior, purchase history and preferences to recommend products to sellers. 
  • Inventory Management: Using dynamic pricing algorithms, AI analyzes market trends, competitor prices, and other variables to adjust the product price. 
  • Pricing Optimization: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine customer queries. This process provides instant responses to customers, giving them a positive experience. 
  • Customer Service Automation: Different AI tools are available. These tools inform users about the latest trends, insights, and patterns so they can improve their marketing strategies. 

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Best AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

AI tools for Amazon sellers help with a variety of tasks, from product research, inventory management, listing optimization, and pricing to customer service. The best AI tools for Amazon sellers are given below:


ChatGPT is a language model platform created by OpenAI. It performs multiple tasks like writing texts, translations and producing creative content. The latest version of ChatGPT can create images according to an individual’s specifications. Moreover, ChatGPT can create answers to multiple questions in human-quality language.

ChatGPT helps Amazon sellers in different ways, like writing product descriptions and optimizing or updating the already written descriptions. It also helps sellers generate ideas for new products and search out keywords. Using ChatGPT, a seller can also create content for social media and improve his product marketing techniques


SmartScout is a product-research AI tool. It enables Amazon private label sellers to search the hot-selling products and sell them. Sellers can use the SmartScout extension that allows them to get insights into marketing trending products and modify their strategies accordingly. 

Since this tool has a broad measure of Amazon information, the sellers can get ASIN performance measurements of more than 4000 subcategories. It also has a private-label FBA calculator. This calculator assists sellers with limiting expenses and improve unit financial matters. The basic plan of this tool is available at $25 per month. The essential plan costs $75 per month, and the Enterprise plan is available at $158/month. 

Amazon Generative AI

Amazon Generative AI helps sellers create top-notch content for their product listings. This tool features a Large Language Model (LLM). This model enables this tool to write product titles, bullet points, and descriptions according to the requirements provided by the seller.

Using this tool is simple. All you need to do is provide a short description of your product in Seller Central, and this tool will create various forms of content to review. Afterward, the user can choose the content that best matches his requirements and use it after making a few edits. Using Amazon Generative AI, the seller can directly submit the content to Amazon. 


Sellesta is a listing scoring tool. It helps sellers to optimize their listings to increase their ranking chances and get the maximum traffic. Sellesta features an advanced algorithm that analyzes all elements of the listing including keywords, images, and product descriptions. 

After analyzing the listing, it grades it according to its quality and effectiveness. This tool also creates a report based on the listing quality scoring. This procedure enables Amazon sellers to update the product listing to quickly grab the customers’ attention and increase the conversion rate. 

The basic plan of Sellesta costs $14 per month, and the pro plan is available at $39 per month. However, The Ultimate Plan costs $99 per month. 

Building an AI Strategy for Amazon — From Novice to Pro

If you’re a new seller on Amazon but want to generate sound revenue through your products on Amazon, simply go through the following guide:

Competitor Research 

The first step on Amazon is competitor research. Simply put your product name (keyword) in the search box and start analyzing the listing that appears against your keyword. You may also use an AI tool to analyze your competitors’ listings. 

You must properly review these listings’ images, product descriptions, and prices. Now, you need to figure out gaps, like covering those points or areas that are missed by these listings. Make sure to analyze the maximum number of listings, not only the first three or five (the more research, the more product listing of your product will be improved). 

Keyword Research 

Keyword research is one of the major parts of building an AI strategy for Amazon. Keywords improve your listing ranking and let you gain more sales.

Using an AI tool like ChatGPT or Helium 10, you can get plenty of keywords along with their difficulty and search volume. Make sure to choose those keywords that are fully relevant to your product and are trending nowadays. You may also consider keywords with low competition and high search volume. 

Using long-tail keywords proves beneficial since they don’t have much competition. Also, long tail keywords include short tail keywords as well, enhancing your ranking chances more. 

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Amazon Listing Optimization

While optimizing your product listing, you need to consider the listing standards Amazon explains. For example, the product title must be based on less than 250 bytes; otherwise, it can be uploaded on Amazon. In terms of product description, using up to 2000 characters is recommended. 

For images, 2000 x 2000 is the recommended dimension of an image by Amazon. Images can only be 10MB or fewer. You can upload JPG, TOFF, and GIF files on Amazon. However, JPG is recommended by experts. Moreover, the main image must be free from artwork, designs, watermarks and graphics. The white background of the main image is also recommended. 

Final Thought

From different AI applications for Amazon, the best AI tools for Amazon products, and AI strategies, this guide explains every point for both beginners and pros. So go through this ultimate guide to AI for Amazon sellers to improve your Amazon product marketing and customer experience.