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5 Benefits of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Building a strong presence on popular social media sites is an integral part of an effective digital marketing plan. Growing your audience on social media helps you quickly gain a better and higher rate of brand recognition. Moreover, it also enables you to create greater awareness regarding your business, products, or services you offer. But, keeping all your social media profiles up-to-date with interesting and informative content is a time-taking process.

This is where social media scheduling comes into play.

Fortunately, there are so many both low-cost and free social media management tools out there to help you schedule social media posts from one dashboard.

What is Social Media Scheduling?

Social media scheduling is all about setting up social media posts to be posted at a specific time or date across different social profiles. Scheduling your social media posts takes the daily struggle away and allows you to have more time for creating better content for your social profiles. It also keeps you away from irrelevant and unnecessary posting that can result in reduced engagement.

Benefits of Social Media Scheduling

In this blog post, we have outlined a few amazing benefits of scheduling your social media posts and how it can help you boost your online presence effectively.

1 Cuts out the Need to Juggle between Platforms

Being a small business or brand, it is expected that you will be managing more than a few social media profiles to reach and connect with the target audience. Handling your presence on social media can easily become difficult when you start to expand your social media marketing approach to more networks around. You may need to remember many login credentials, interfaces to master, and most importantly publishing across all profiles with consistency. This is where investing in social media scheduling posts can pay off. Scheduling your social media posts via a social media management tool allows you to integrate all your profiles into a single dashboard with a single login. You are better able to manage your social profiles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest from a single dashboard interface.

2 Post According to You Followers’ Time even Outside Office Hours

Just because 10 AM is a convenient time for you to publish content on social media doesn’t really mean it is a convenient time for your followers to consume the content posted by you. Scheduling social media posts helps you post content at the right time. There are several social media tools that suggest the right time based on your audience’s active time. In this way, you can get your content in front of more social media users. Social media scheduling also helps you post content even outside office hours.

3 Fewer Distractions throughout the Day

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the biggest distractions that can waste a lot of precious hours a day. It can be easy to jump onto your social accounts and take a minute for a quick upload and get your several minutes wasted into going through the images, videos, pins, and tweets posted by others. But when you use a social media management tool to schedule your post, you are likely to stay right within the tool for scheduling and are not required to be on social media sites for scheduling. As a result, you can save a lot of minutes a day that can be spent on other productive things like creating amazing content and coming up with new content ideas.

4 You Got Back in Busy Situations

Uncertain things happen always. You may get sick or need to leave the office unattended for vacations. Social media scheduling can cover you in such situations. Scheduling your social media posts provides you a safety net and keeps your brand visible even if you are not there to do so. Planning ahead allows you to get interesting updates posted at the right time without any human interaction.

5 Maintain Consistency

Having a clear and consistent brand identity on social media is most important than ever before. You need to provide your existing and potential customers with a consistent experience to keep them updated and make them stick around. Using social media management tools you can publish posts on all your social media profiles with consistency. Furthermore, social media tools also help you see how your posts will appear on different social feeds so you can adjust the content accordingly before it is published.