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Vivaldi, the First Browser In The OpenR Link System Of New Renault Cars

Since drivers can already use smartphones to answer calls, check emails or check headlines while driving, the automobile companies want to make internet use behind the wheel a safe experience. They don’t want someone driving the car and picking up a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet PC to check emails, stream their favorites or check local traffic updates. This is the reason, Vivaldi and Renault teamed up to create Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS to provide car drivers the best on-road experience possible. It is the first web browser in the OpenR Link system of new Renault’s next-generation cars.

Vivaldi is a full-featured web browser developed for Renault cars equipped with OpenR Link system to deliver drivers a feel at home online experience when they are driving. It helps them browse, watch and make an online purchase without leaving the driving seat and picking up the smartphone. For enhanced safety of people in the car, the browser is usable only in the parked car.

Flexibility and Privacy

Renault has shaken hands with Vivaldi for this partnership to augment the experience for the drivers of its new next-generation cards that are armed with the OpenR Link system. It is an infotainment interface for cars automobiles and provides the best car technology to access applications and services like Google Maps, Email, and more. Its similarity with smartphones makes it very easy to use with fingers or via voice to find, install and use applications. Vivaldi browsers can be installed on this system for Renault’s cars like Megane E-Tech Electric and All-New Austral.

The browser is designed with a unique and simple visual appeal to focus on flexibility and ease of use. Drivers can enjoy powerful browsing features like tracking protection, ad-blocker, a translation tool with privacy protection, two-level tabs stacks, notes and data sync across devices. The data encryption feature also makes sure that users’ data is not being stored by car or any other third party even with Renault.

A Quick Look into the Features

Vivaldi allows you to turn your Renault car into a command center to increase your productivity, fun and entertainment behind the wheels. Whether you are at a charging stop or waiting for loved ones outside the airport, the browser will make your waiting hours more prolific and pleasurable. Here is how:

Access to Streaming Platforms

Whether Netflix or YouTube, you can easily access your favorite streaming website using Vivaldi in your Renault car with OpenR Link system. Bear in mind that the browser will only work for such options in the parked car. Hence, you can enjoy music while driving.

Data Sync across Devices

Just sign in to your Vivaldi account and get your data synced automatically with your car and other devices. The synced data is encrypted which means the car or the company cannot access your details and information.

Video Conferences

If you need to travel and cannot afford to miss an important business meeting, then Vivaldi has got your covered. You can join video conferences from the comfort of your driving seat to stay connected with peers no matter wherever you are.

Effective Tab Management

As you can open and manage multiple tabs on Vivaldi mobile using two-level tab stacks, you can do the same in your car’s browser.

Bookmarks and Speed Dials

Just bookmark the web pages you visit often and get them opened in a single tap to enhance the web browsing experience in the car.

Notes Taking

If there is a great quick idea in your mind, you can write it down immediately in the note section of your browser. You can access the feature in the sidebar of the browser.

Look and Feel

You can choose any color in the browser’s setting to give it a fresh and classy appearance matched to the interior of your car.


When there is an email or text in the other language, you can quickly translate it into your native language using Vivaldi’s privacy-protected translation tool.

Final Verdict

Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS is available for Renault’s cars that come with OpenR Link system. Users can install the browser directly from OpenR Link or via the MY Renault app. Renault users can use the browser in their cars new Megane E-Tech Electric or All-New Austral. Vivaldi will be available for vehicles with OpenR Link system manufactured by French automobile companies.