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Tap into the Power of Technology to Enhance Employee Training

In this continuously changing landscape, businesses must adapt to survive and thrive. And upskilling and improving employees is one of the best ways to do that. As more and more businesses are moving to remote working, helping workers hone skills they need is becoming more difficult. The advanced technology has made remote workplaces improve employee training easier than ever before. Modern technologies like skills assessment, virtual reality training, learning management systems and AI provide business owners and managers with more opportunities to streamline training programs effectively.

Technology to Enhance Employee Training

Below are some ways businesses can tap into the power of technology to enhance employee training for increased efficiency and productivity.

Learning management systems (LMS)

A learning management system is one of the vital elements of modern employee training programs. From creating and delivering learning materials, the collaboration between trainers and trainees, to assessing results and training progress, LMS offers a variety of benefits. Learning management systems are mostly used in online training sessions. However, they can also be used to combine traditional and eLearning classes together. A business can also invest in custom learning management system solutions to improve its training programs.

Leveraging The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can enhance employee training sessions in a variety of ways. AI can determine employees’ roles in the workplace, create training goals, adapt current training needs, and suggest the appropriate training activities be executed during the training sessions. Artificial intelligence can also lead workers to appropriate training videos and materials whenever needed. Most business settings use AI-integrated learning management systems (LMS) to develop highly personalized training programs. AI technology can also collect data from recent training sessions and programs to predict what lectures and lessons will be useful and advantageous on the basis of recent training programs.

Extended Reality Technologies

Extended reality solutions are the more advanced form of digital transformation to make the learning experience immersive for both businesses and employees. Extended reality or XR usually includes augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). All these technologies are getting more popular in employee training as more businesses incorporate virtual reality training and other similar solutions to improve their training programs. Virtual reality immerses employees (trainees) in a totally artificial environment to give them a real feel even when they are attending online training classes. A business can partner with a reliable VR agency to develop personalized VR training solutions that are aligned with employee training needs.


The latest tech innovations have given businesses plenty of opportunities to deliver effective, innovative, and engaging training experiences. Mobile learning and gamification (game-based apps) have become a new trend in the training delivery systems. The use of advanced technologies to learn, communicate and interact formally and informally is highly admired among business settings and employees across the globe. This shows that modern employees are happy and confident in receiving training via technology-based learning methods and techniques to hone their skills.

Self-learning, Continuous Learning & Microlearning

The digital era has enabled trainees to access all the available learning tools and materials anywhere anytime. This means employee training is not restricted to a particular training course, set of lectures, or book. Quick access to training lectures & materials, including assessment tests and training progress right on their mobile devices, allows them to improve, refresh and advance whenever needed. Microlearning also allows employees and other learners to learn different skills and expertise in small chunks using their own mobile devices.

Several online employee training program solutions offer self-paced employee-directed learning. Workers can get and review a training catalog and then choose training courses and lectures that are necessary for their roles. Furthermore, employers can also develop training web portals to allow their employees access to relevant training materials, resources and lectures.


In this digital world, it is impossible to imagine enhanced employee training without incorporating tech solutions. Latest tech innovations not only enable effective updating of employees’ expertise but increase employee retention rate as well. Digital transformation tools like mobile and XR technologies can also make the employee training experience more engaging.