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Ranking Factors for

Google’s Top 5 Ranking Factors for Local SEO

A well developed, appealing, and the responsive website provides you an opportunity to target potential customers around the globe. A business can also grow and attract more local customers using local SEO strategies. Local search engine optimization is focused on ranking a business higher in a particular local territory or location. In this COVID-19 crisis when people are more likely to search a business and place orders online, it is worth investing in local SEO for businesses and companies that offer services and products to local customers.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO can be defined as a search engine optimization process to make a local business rank higher in local searches so that it can easily be found and seen by potential customers. Local SEO is an incredible online marketing technique for businesses as it helps them promote their products and services at the exact time when local customers are looking for them online. It is also referred to as local search marketing as it is the most effective way to promote a local business online to drive more local traffic.

Top 5 Local SEO Ranking Factors

In this competitive landscape, local SEO is now more competitive than ever before. It not only brings a high level of search visibility in search engines but meaning contact and valuable connections with local customers as well.

There are so many ranking factors that work together and enable local brands and companies to appear at the top in Google local search results. In this article, there are the top 5 local SEO ranking factors that can help you appear in more local search results to drive more sales.

1. Google My Business

When you want to appear in more local searches and on Google Maps, creating a Google my business account is imperative. Creating a GMB account is totally free and plays a significant role in increasing the local visibility of your business. Just create your Google my business account and optimize it with essential business details and information to help local customers easily find you both online and offline. Properly optimized GMB listing helps your local customers find your business in local searches and most importantly in Google and Google Maps.

2. On-Page Signals

There are several on-page SEO factors that are taken into consideration when a business I analyzed for ranking in local searches. The use of the most relevant and long-tail keywords is one of them. Search engine bots and crawlers watch out a business for keywords that are most relevant to a search query and strategically placed in the website content. That’s why to use more and more long-tail keywords in your website content. To find the most relevant and best-performing keywords, you should spend enough time on keyword research so you can plan your other local SEO efforts accordingly.

3. Online Reviews

Modern consumers are more likely to read the available information, reviews, and customer feedback prior to buying anything online. That’s why, more positive online reviews on different digital channels like websites, social media profiles, and local directories can help your brand stand out as a credible and reliable business to trust. Online reviews not only help potential customers make informed decisions but also help you rank higher in local searches. So, ask your happy and satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your website, Google account, and social media profiles, etc.  

Building authority and relevant backlinks is an essential element when it comes to appear in more local search results. However, you should earn links from websites that are most relevant, local, and of high authority. Getting such backlinks to your local business can help you stand out in local searches. Creating useful, problem-solving, and fresh content is a great way to get your business linked in relevant blogs and websites.

5. Optimizing for Mobile

As more and more internet users conduct local searches by using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, investing in a mobile responsive web design helps you get the most out of your local SEO efforts. Google also ranks the mobile version of a business or website higher in local searches than a desktop one. That’s why, if your local business is not responsive, you should get a quick redesign to make it responsive and easy to view across a variety of mobile devices. In this way, your business can be noticed by more local customers using mobiles while searching.


Today’s competitive digital landscape requires mastering Google’s top 5 local SEO ranking variables. A well-designed website and local SEO methods can dramatically grow a business and attract local clients, especially in the COVID-19-induced online-focused climate. Local SEO, also known as local search marketing, helps businesses reach customers when they search online for relevant items or services. Google My Business optimisation, on-page signals, online reviews, a strong backlink profile, and mobile optimisation are essential for improving local search results, building relationships, and increasing local sales.