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Testing Tools

Best Landing Page Testing Tools To Increase Conversions

Landing pages are perfect potential building blocks for any online business. These are the links to grab the intention of customers with irresistible offers. These are often created for advertising and marketing campaigns. The creation comes to take place for boosting the conversion.

Generally, the purpose of the landing pages is to convert visitors into paying customers. Good digital marketing gets fuel from good landing pages. A landing page with the help of testing tools makes things possible for you to create a form of lead generation without doing coding and having designing skills. Simply, the purpose of using this is to increase the conversion of your landing page.

How To Improve Landing Page Conversion

Over the last couple of years, the market has taken changed at various levels. New challenges are coming through in the way. If you are one of them who have a problem. Finding a way to embark on that situation. Some are simple strategies are here to help you a lot at this level.

  • Improving the speed of your page load
  • A call to Action should be the first priority
  • Optimize the landing page for mobile
  • Ensure to speak to your target audience
  • Giving the authentic proof to your pages
  • Reduce the text on the landing pages
  • Introduce visually an attractive page
  • Test

Best Landing Tools to improve the conversion

For the purpose to improve the conversion there must need a digital marketing firm to hire that has a great hand to boost the service of the landing page. It comes in front of us when we do not have too much technical know-how. In that case, there are many looming questions are being asked by the owner. As a result, the owner does not seem comfortable having the answer to all those queries.

Keeping you safe from failing in that situation so, here are some best landing tools to help in improving the conversion.


Among the testing tools, this has a very special feature to provide a sensation of pleasure to the users. Interestingly, the visual editor has a very crucial role in building the conversion and customizing very easily with the help of a drag and drop builder page.  You need not be tech-savvy for starting the use of this on-page optimization. It is quite easy to use, no coding system is there that has to comprehend.

It allows the users to build, A/B test, and publish without having a limitation of pages. Once a page is determined to optimize the dashboard promote it to be a champion with matching the user interest and serving the visitors. This all process can be repeated whenever we need any kind of variations.

Outstanding Features:

Advanced Customization

Drag and Drop building pre-designed template


Populus in the ops form with triggers


A variety of templates are available for multiple industries

No need of designing for experience

Smart and AB testing tools


Low limit of the domain for connection

No heatmap


  • Launch: $90, offers up to 500 conversions, more than 20,000 visitors, and 1 domain
  • Optimize: $135USD, Up to 1,000 Conversions, 3o,000 visitors, 5 Domains, 30% Plus conversions with a smart traffic.
  • Accelerate $22USD, 50,000 plus visitors, 10 domains, and More than 30% conversions with smart Traffic.

Rating: 4.4/5


Inatapage has captured great value in the market. This is one of the best testing tools to provide an intuitive and flexible landing page and a building experience with the WYSIWYG editor and building blocks.

It has quite a similar editor as Unboundce’s editor. All good things depend on your set of skills and needs.

Outstanding Features:

  • Data Quantification
  • Heatmaps
  • SEO
  • A/B testing
  • Domain Integration
  • Session replays, data segmentation, and monitoring
  • Web page element, side-by-side and mobile device analysis


  • Great for SEO results and PPS pages testing
  • Appreciated Customer support
  • The WYSIWYG editors make designing limited and time-consuming


  • No popups and opt-in from
  • Reported glitches
  • The pricing scheme seems not so transparent



Rating: 4.45/5


Optimizely has been designed to provide a digital experience optimizing with the technologies, including A/B testing, Server side testing, multivariate testing, experimentation, and Al-powered personalization.

Outstanding Features:

  • Product recommendations
  • Al personalization engine
  • Segmentation of the customer profiles
  • Cart abandonment message
  • Delivers statistics in a very easy-to-understand format
  • Visual editor easy to use
  • Well knowledge base


  • Costly
  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex tests needed coding knowledge

Rating: 4.5/5


Hotjar has very similar features at very affordable pricing. This is considering one of the best forms of testing tools.  It seems very straightforward to connect with Hotjar, using it very easily, and tracking code with your website. 

Outstanding Features:

  • Data quantification
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Mouse behavior and click tracks


  • Best for improving SEO rankings
  • Introduces free version ( even the free version has valuable insight)
  • Best for software developers, e-commerce websites, advertising agencies, and blogs


  • Can’t incorporate with Google Analytics
  • Can’t create customers profiles and segmentation
  • Difficulty to save the visual metrics and not talking manually screenshots


  • Free schedule available
  • Plus Plan: $32 for more than 3,000 sessions/month, for small business, tooltip, segment, and filter data
  • Business plan: $80 monthly, best plans for growing companies, all the things in plus, Tooltip, Custom-built integrations, tracking custom users attribute
  • Scale plan: observe for all experts, loading of traffic and all features, all the things in business, Unlimited sessions on a daily bases, Dedicated Customer success manager tooltip, and a lot of data for the larger sites.

Rating: 4.3/5


Leadpages also comes on the top in the testing tools. It comprises to helps small businesses especially those who are looking for an easy way to boost the website, popups, alert bars, and landing pages. You always can check your real performance with the real-time run split test, real-time analytics, and optimization.

Outstanding Features:

  • Email marketing, domain integrations, email marketing
  • Web analytics
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Edit custom code or CCS code, and add the page’s HTML
  • The content library includes Photos, Audio, and Videos


  • Easy to add popups and alert bars
  • Ability to create 404 pages
  • Ability to copy pages


  • Limited in terms of dragging data
  • Having some issues with the other platforms as HubSpot
  • An annoying popups editing interface


  • Standard: $37 monthly, 1 site, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars, Landing Pages, Tech Support, Free hosting, Unlimited Leads, and Traffic,
  • Pro plan: $74 monthly, 3 Sites Unlimited, Loads and Traffic, Free Hosting, Lead Notifications, Priority of Tech Support, Online Payments and Sales, Free Customs Domain, 1-on-1 Quickly Start Call

Rating: 4.2/5