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Social Media Platforms Based on Audio: The Future

Let’s spill the beans of an upcoming future wave of audio that recently influenced the social media platforms. New hardware earphones, echo, google homes, and Podcasts have paved the new trends in audio around the globe on social media. With persistent up-gradation in trends of audio traditional sound, media is left behind. 

Audio messaging has been accessible for ages, voice notes on WhatsApp are specifically giant in India, and WeChat audio messages are widespread in China. And during the worldwide pandemic, these features have become as easy as apple pie way for individuals to stay in touch while sidestepping Zoom exhaustion. But now a new wave of audio is sweltering the imminence and rawness of audio into the essential experience, creating voice the method individuals connect again.

People are getting more interested in audio than ever before. If you are a content creator, then Finding a job in this line is still a tough task. Content creators need to contact a third party to post audio to interact with listeners. Take it easy because there are social networks that are trying to sort out the issue by providing a platform.

Keep an eye out because here we will list the five popular social media platforms based on audio and you can’t miss it. So, let’s make a long story short and start discussing the five apps. 

Audlist: “Speak anywhere, be heard everywhere. Audlist the audio-focused social network!”

Audlist was founded on 24 Jan 2019 by Guilherme Nigri Rafael Perez. Audlist is a social network that focuses on audio. Audlist lets content creators post audio content that can be long and short. There are no audio length criteria for posting the content. Audlist is available for iOS and Android. 

You can record in segments, change your voice with audio effects, and add sound clips or music as you wish! Audlist is fun and super easy to use for audio content. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of how to edit audio as it is not rocket science. The good news is that you don’t have to get bent out of shape for heavy cost as it is available free of cost.  

Audlist lets you interact with the content creators by sending audio messages on their posts. Audio replaces the writing in audlist. With audlist, you will be able to post images, image stories that will stay for 24 hours, direct messages, voice modifiers, autoplay. 

Audlist makes exciting additions to their editor like crossfade, fade in/out and cropping, and much more. Podcasts have started using audlist to interact with listeners, and people also posting content of their daily activities.    

HearMeOut: “The Leading Voice-Based Social Network”

HearMeOut is the social app where content gets a voice. It is a new mobile experience bridging the gap between what people think and write. This app is available today for iOS and Android. The platform is engrossed in audio that enables every user to listen to recorded audio for up to 42-second. 

Users could hear the audio of friends, musicians, news reporters, thought leaders, comedians, and many more they are interested in. With HearMeOut users can post their content on other social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. HearMeout also allows its users to comment on other content creator’s posts in the written method. 

HearMeOut provides a “drive with us” feature with the first social radio of its kind by connecting to the vehicle’s systems and APIs. Drivers can now listen and record posts while driving via the voice control feature. Deprived of taking their eyes off the road they can also share posts on Facebook and Twitter. 

HearMeOut believes that tone has a very important place when it comes to understanding a message. Users can team up with the active, on-the-go, listening experience and they have a new-old way to connect people, ideas, and passion. This social audio platform also provides effects to enhance your audio content post similar to 70’s radio, morning bass, among others. 

This app is available free of cost. 

Listen: “The Voice Only Social Network”

Listen, let’s you record your voice and send it to others. Start a one-to-one conversation with someone. As per listen they have three rules be honest, be respectful, and have fun. This app is available for iOS and Android. 

Anyone can start right away just by opening the app. You start a conversation by sending a reply to a story. Buckets allow you to save your conversations. No ID, profile picture, or personal information is required, just your voice is the main aspect. The name on the play store is Listen — Voice Chat, so according to that, they are irritating an innovative and different approach.

This app is available free of cost to download but offers In-App Purchases. 

Riffr: “Social (micro)podcasting”

Just open your feed or find a topic and start listening to the audio, It’s that simple. When you want to share something, you can just tap record and post to all your followers. It is available for iOS and Android. Riffr focused on audios of five seconds to three minutes long, consequently it is a short form of audio content.

You can search audio on any topic or you can browse trending topics on Riffr. You can share your voice by Record your micro-podcasts, add cool effects and share them with the world. 

You can be a part of the community by following people you love. You know what is an astounding fact that You’ll continuously be the first to listen to their opinions. This app is available free of cost.

Clubhouse: “The Invite-Only Chat App”

Clubhouse lets you listen in on other people’s live conversations. The clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat app launched in April 2020. This app was developed by the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex google engineer Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. The clubhouse is an iPhone exclusive app only available on iOS. 

It has gained the attention of some of the tech giants in a short period. With popular entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk giving admirations, it is worth the while to check out the application. The Clubhouse app is made around the impression of a podcast with added twists to it. The finest recognized audio-attentive network is Clubhouse, the buzzy, invite-only app that debuted last spring to shining appraisals for the talk show.

Restrictedness in Clubhouse ensures that not everyone can just open the Appstore and download the app right away. The easiest way to access the Clubhouse is to receive an invitation from someone who previously holds an account on the platform. It grabbed the attention of the conventional media after Elon Musk hosted a talk show with the CEO of Robinhood, Vlad Tenor. Elon musk commented on clubhouse “context switching is the mind-killer.”

All clubhouse has is an app, not a website, the lone website the company has is joinclubhouse.com, and that’s just an indicator to the Apple App Store. The popularity of the clubhouse is increasing continuously. So, building an audio app like Clubhouse can work wonders in today’s scenario. 

Wrapping Up 

It is like a dime a dozen to found social media platforms based on the audio as there are several voice-based social media around today. This kind of audio-based platform is pushed by the innovative audio movement that came with Podcasts and innovative audio devices. The familiarity of voice makes an audio social platform that much more alluring in the phase of social distancing and seclusion. you have a cluster of choices that in the audios constrained by time limits. So, if you are planning to develop a mobile app based on audio then the market conditions are in your favor right now.