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Drive More Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How to Drive More Traffic from Pinterest

When you want to grow inbound traffic for your online business, brand, or website, Pinterest is one of the most popular digital channels that can help you in this regard. It is just like a visual bookmark website where you can pin quality images and graphics that are linked to your business or website.

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest has almost 442 million monthly users around the globe. It helps people find new ideas and content that they use for planning several aspects of their lives. Pinterest is also known as the best platform for sharing as people love to share interesting and useful visuals within their circles. So, if you don’t pin your content on Pinterest, other people might be doing it for you. That is the reason, you should develop an effective Pinterest marketing strategy if you really want to boost your traffic.

Ways to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Traffic

Optimize your Profile with Right Details

After creating a Pinterest business profile, be sure to add all-important business details and information on your profile. It will help users to find out everything they need to know about your business to contact and engage with you. Craft an enticing bio to let users know who you are and how you can add value to their lives.

Confirm your Website

Be sure to confirm your business website on the Pinterest profile as it can build trust with your audience to keep them loyal. After doing that, you will be able to see your logo and display picture on Pins shared by people from your website. To do so, you need to visit setting > confirm website> and add URL into the given field. You will be able to verify your website with a meta tag or HTML file.

Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources

Pinterest now focuses more on showing pins to users in their feed that lead them to valuable resources like blog posts and how-to guides. That’s why you should be creating pins that direct users to informative and useful resources. If you have pinned a high-quality image that doesn’t lead to a useful resource, it will be presented in front of fewer users. And if you don’t have informative and valuable resources to add to your pins, you should create a business blog that has easily pinnable images and quality content at the same time.

Aim to Grow Your Followers and Reach

Growing your followers and reach is most important if you really want to grow your traffic with Pinterest. However, instead of growing thousands of followers that are less active, cerate Pins that will reach a broader audience and encourage them to follow you for more. As a result, you will have a robust and active follower base on Pinterest that you can easily convert into leads and customers. Always post the most relevant and interesting pins with consistency to attract more users.

Pinterest Traffic

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Board Names

If you really want to secure a visible place in ‘Picked for You’, you should create relevant and keyword-rich board names. For instance, if you are struggling to reach people interested in ‘digital marketing’ you should create titles like ‘digital marketing guide’ or ‘digital marketing tips for small businesses’ to appear in more relevant searches. Similarly, you should use relevant keywords in your board names to boost your visibility in Pinterest search.

Use Focus Keywords in Your Pin Descriptions

Pinterest is more than a social network as it works as a discovery tool for people looking for inspiration, ideas, and information. It is a visual search engine with millions of users. So, try to use focus keywords in your Pin description to help them find you easily. As you do on-site SEO for your website to appear in more search results, you should be doing the same on Pinterest to rank higher in this visual Google with your Pins.

Apply for Rich Pins

Pins that provides more details and information are known as rich pins. Applying for rich pins would be a great idea to stand out on the Pinterest feed and search. These pins come in two most popular types, 1) pins for articles and 2) pins for products. By using this amazing feature, you can stand out on the users’ Pinterest feed to entice them for visiting your business or website.