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Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

Guest blogging is a proven tool to build backlinks for your website to perform better SEO and drive organic traffic to your sites. Guest blogging is all about a platform that provides you with a forum to write an informational and engaging blog to attract a loyal audience to your site. It will enhance your SEO performance and help you to raise conversion rates. It is essential for businesses to post their guest blogs on blogging sites to spread awareness of their brand worldwide. In this article, we will tell you about the usage of guest blogging for natural link-building.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when someone invites you to write a blog for their websites that will be published on their websites. Make an aim to attract a potential audience to your website and help you to make natural link-building.

Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

Guest blogging is a vast chapter and needs more concentration than other marketing strategies. Here you will get some effective tactics to use for natural link-building:

Choose the Right Guest Blogging Aim

The majority of businesses use a guest blogging strategy to build backlinks and want to make their SEO performance better. Instead, they should craft content to build their authority and set themselves as leaders in their related niche to increase their readership. The backlinks will get due to some incident that will be authenticated and drive potential audiences to your website.

This mindset is crucial to adopt because if you choose guest blogging for link-building, you will compromise on quality content. Compromising quality content can be a big cause of reducing your readership, which negatively affects your SEO efforts.

Have a Brand

Secondly, you should have a brand to promote through guest blogging. Your brand’s website should be user-friendly and have a simple design and authoritative signals to attract potential site visitors. The content and domain of your website and the focus it has a great impact on your guest posts’ acceptance.

Most site owners and editors hesitate to link with a spammy affiliated site filled with poor-quality content, no matter how great your guest post is. You must ensure your brand has a clean, simple design and logo. Sites should have connectivity to all social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Develop a Guest Posts Portfolio

Develop a Guest Posts Portfolio

Guest post portfolios helps websites to get backlinks easily and with more authenticity. To get an attempt at guest blogging on the top publications, you should have at least one quality guest publishing on an authoritative website. You can represent this as an example to the editor as a sample of your writing style and quality.

Write an engaging and informative guest blog for a well-known website in your niche if you have yet to write any before to make it your sample. It should be recognizable for some people to spread your brand awareness. The other possible chance is to write a stellar post and publish it on your blog. Showcase this as an example of your writing style to pitch editors.

Filter Guest Blogging Opportunities

Conduct thorough research about guest blogging websites, and you will get some of the best-authenticated websites. Now, it’s time to filter websites from them to get an effective site that aligns with your brand. Dive into your research and find out the following metrics about the site:

  • Domain Level Metrics: Domain ranking and referring domain metrics should be considered.
  • Content Quality: Ensure that their content must be qualitative.
  • Profile Location: The site must give authors a complete profile overview.
  • Engagement: A high audience engagement is a good sign to link back.
  • Content Relevancy: Do these websites publish content related to your niche daily?
  • Guest Authors: What kind of authors did they host before you? Because you don’t want a bad neighborhood.

Based on these metrics, make groups of these websites:

  • Authenticated Website
  • Mid-tier
  • Low-tier
  • Rejected

Approach Guest Blogging Website

Aftering filtering the lowest websites, choose the most relevant and effective blog site that aligns with your niche. Approach the guest blogging website through their email and ask for collaboration. You are free to use tools like AnyMailFinder to find anyone’s emails, you don’t have to worry if you did not get the email from the website. Build relationships with them to get the appearance.

Most authoritative websites have no time to entertain your pitch because of their busy posting calendar. You can follow them on Twitter and interact with them by answering their tweets and gaining familiarity. After longer interactions, they will know you well and allow you to deliver your pitch.


Guest blogging strategies can help you able to spread awareness about your brand and improve your SEO efforts. Good blogging is not a cup of tea for all, but with effective strategies, you can make actionable and beneficial strategies. By following these steps, such as choosing the right decision for the website and filtering its opportunities, you can make effective strategies to increase the organic traffic. Use backlinks to get an edge over your competitors to thrive in your niche and set yourself as a leader.