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How To Design High-Quality Business Cards

Business cards are still one of the most relevant tools you hand over to prospects in networking events. One of the reasons why these cards have retained their popularity over the years is their portability. All you need is to tuck the card in the wallet or keep it in a convenient location where you can find it easily.

You can customize the business card to portray the key aspects of your company in a professional light. The question is how to personalize the business card without losing its essence. Here is what you need to know.

Using the logo correctly

You may have used the logo in various places but do you know that it needs to be reduced to smaller proportions? As the business card will not have adequate space, a highly complicated logo with several different words may appear jarring. If the logo of your company is not simple, you need to shorten and personalize it to make it suitable for business cards, letterheads, and stationery. The same logo can be used for various promotional products, such as pens and bottles.

Must-have on the card

When customizing the business card, you need to include essential information within the constricted space. Therefore, you need to include the company name and logo, your name, designation, and contact information like address, email ID, and telephone. Furthermore, it needs to have the punch line of the company or something that indicates what your business deals with and the website URL.

What you need to communicate

One of the preliminary activities that make the customization of business cards easy ad smooth is finding out what you need to communicate to the customers. Try to analyze the brand to analyze whether it is an individual or a business. For instance, if you are a boutique owner, the business card needs to communicate in a different language. On the other hand, a business may need to speak other words.

Customizing the shape

The traditional and all-time favorite shape of the business card is a rectangle.  With the printing techniques becoming cost-effective and advanced, the die-cutting technology allows you to explore different shapes.

For instance, the business card design may emulate the shape of the product or cutouts of employees. However, you need to make sure how the card fits in the wallet. Besides, you need to consider the size of the card based on the prevailing standards. You need to keep in mind the trim line, bleed area, and safety line when designing the size of the card.

Font and colors

When choosing a font for the business card, you can get creative but adhering to the simple steps can make things easy. Remember that a well-designed business card needs to look professional and must be readable.

White space

A business card contains text elements and white space. However, that does not mean that you need to include as much information as you can. The clumsier the business card, the lower is its appeal. Therefore, you need to ensure that the card has adequate white space.

There are plenty of ways to design custom business cards but you need to do what is appropriate for your business.